Half way between Margaux and Saint Julien, it is located slightly apart from the “route des châteaux” (the D2).

Close and yet sheltered from the main thoroughfares, it has been able to profit from this discrete and privileged location to produce true and honest wines.






Reminder of the taste


T he subtle balance between finesse and generosity can show itself, in a Moulis, from the first years of its life. Later, on ageing, these wines offer up all their tannic strength and unveil complex aromatic notes. Structured and well coloured, Moulis is a “gourmet wine”, powerful while remaining elegant and balanced. After 7 to 10 years, it is said that this wine reaches fullness. Long on the palate, Moulis enchants the taste buds and leaves its very personal mark, which makes it a little more charming with each sip and always just as unforgettable.


Three Major Zones in AOC Moulis


The eastern part (Grand Poujeaux, Médrac) is made up of gravel from the Gunz period, brought down by the river, and giving a stony, lean, poor but warm soil, well drained and easy to work for the cultivation of the vine,
The western part is made up of Pyrenees gravel on a fossil-rich marine limestone base (Bouqueyran),
The central part, which links together these mounds of gravel, is made up of natural gravelly land sitting on a clay-limestone subsoil, which lends itself admirably to the cultivation of the best grape varieties, and where the Merlot is particularly successful.


Moulis wines produced on gravel

In general, these wine combine finesse, power and complexity.
The bouquet is extremely rich.

Overall they are very fine, balanced, round, full of charm and great elegance, even in years that are rather thin.

Their length on the palate is surprising thanks to the very fine and noble tannins, which ensure exceptional ageing potential.


Moulis wines produced on clay-limestone

The clay-limestone soils produce wines that are a little more full bodied than those from the gravel terroirs.

Robust, with very good volume on the palate and very good structure, it is said of them that they combine “spirit and virility”, with an extraordinary capacity for ageing.